『Michel Lee様の声』
使用機器、Victor HM-DR10000

well , I just got myself a new D-VHS VCR from Victor HM-DR10000 .

Yes , it's very great video machine . The picture from D-VHD was very stable and sharp . Colour was pure . I think it's because of the mpeg DAC for video recording and playback . I'd so much old VHS / S-VHS tapes on hand . I may record them into D-VHS copy for a better visual digital record collection .

And the tape cost of D-VHS was really reasonable . When you compare with the W-VHS tape . W-VHS tape was very expensive , even use it for SD mode . It's still expensive . On the other hand , the tape cost of D-VHS was cheaper , for example ....the DF240 tape from TDK was only 900 yen . It's cheap and it can record for 4 hrs in STD mode , 12 hrs in LS3 mode . it's easy and cheap . And i think it's also cheaper than S-VHS too .

And the visual quality from D-VHS was really beautiful than S-VHS . I think it's because of the digital picture system . It can make VHS into a very high standard of visual like DVD disc .

But the S-VHS mode playback quality was not really good , like VX200 ? I think it's because of the machine ( DR10000 ) is special for digital video recording , not for S-VHS and VHS . Anyways , it's a very good digital VHS machine for the coming century .......

Everythings going to DIGITAL .....